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Mạch nạp USB Blaster

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This usb download cable is fully compatible with original Altera USB-Blaster.

1.support target system using 5.0V TTL,3.3V,2.5V LVTTL/LVCMOS

2.Support following Altera devices:

  • CPLD: MAX series CPLDs
  • FPGA: Stratix,Cyclone,CyconeII,CycloneIII,Arria GX,APEX,ACEX 1K,Mercury,FLEX 10k,Excalibur FPGAs

3.Perform in-system programming of serial configuration devices including EPCS1,EPCS4,EPCS16,EPCS64,and EPCS128 devices.

4.Enhanced configuration devices including EPC4,EPC8 and EPC16 devices.

5.Have verified our usb download cable on the following devices:

  •   Cyclone-------EP1C3EP1C6EP1C12EP1C20
  •   Cyclone II----EP2C5EP2C8EP2C35
  •   Cyclone III----EP3C5EP3C16EP3C25
  •   Stratix--------EP1S10EP1S20 EP1S25
  •   Stratix II-----EP2S60
  •   STRATIX GX--EP1SGX25FF1020C6
  •   FLEX10K------EPF10K10EPF0K30
  •   ACEX1K-------EP1K30
  •   MAX7000----MAX7128SLC84MAX7128AETC100
  •   MAX3000----MAX3128
  •   MAXII-----MAXII240MAXII570MAXII1270
  •   EPCS----------EPCS1EPCS4EPCS16EPCS64
  •   EPC------------EPC1EPC4