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Bộ Grove Base Kit for Raspberry Pi

    Bộ Grove Base Kit for Raspberry Pi
Nhà sản xuất: Seeed Studio
Mã sản phẩm:HS000123
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SKU: 110020169

Bộ Grove Base Kit for Raspberry Pi được sản xuất bởi Seeed Studio bao gồm Grove Base Hat for Raspberry Pi và các mạch module, cảm biến với chuẩn thiết kế và kết nối Grove giúp bạn dễ dàng kết nối và thực hành với Raspberry Pi một cách nhanh nhất, mạch có đầy đủ tài liệu, hướng dẫn sử dụng, code mẫu tại trang chủ nhà sản xuất.

The Grove Base Kit for Raspberry Pi is one of the best kits for beginners to get started with Raspberry Pi. No troublesome soldering and no complicated wiring. You can focus on learning Raspberry Pi. This kit includes a Grove Base Hat for Raspberry Pi and 10 Grove modules, which covering sensor, actuator, and display. All you need to do is following the demo, plug the module into the Grove Base Hat, truly plug and play.

On top of that, we have provided you with detailed instructions on the use of Raspberry Pi and the use of each module, which including 8 lessons for the module. Just click the LEARN tab to view this user manual. Also, you can check the Video Guide here, which will tell you how to use this kit step by step.

All in all, whether you are a student, teacher, artist, hardware enthusiast, and so on, with the help of the Grove Base Kit for Raspberry Pi, you will get to know Raspberry Pi quickly and comprehensively.

Part List

  1. Grove Base Hat for Raspberry Pi
  2. Grove - Red LED Button
  3. Grove - Buzzer
  4. Grove - Moisture Sensor
  5. Grove - Temperature & Humidity Sensor (DHT11)
  6. Grove - Light Sensor
  7. Grove - mini PIR motion sensor
  8. Grove - Ultrasonic Ranger
  9. Grove - Relay Grove - Servo
  10. Grove - 16 x 2 LCD (White on Blue)

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