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Mạch thu phát Wifi HLK-RM04 Uart-Wifi-Ethernet Module

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HLK-RM04 is a new low-cost embedded UART-ETH-WIFI module (serial port - Ethernet - Wireless network) developed by Shenzhen Hi-Link Electronic co., Ltd.This product is an embedded module based on the universal serial interface network standard, built-in TCP / IP protocol stack, enabling the user serial port, Ethernet, wireless network (wifi) interface between the conversions.Through the HLK-RM04 module, the traditional serial devices do not need to change any configuration; data can be transmitted through the Internet network. Provide a quick solution for the user’s serial devices to transfer data via Ethernet.

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Technical Specifications

Network standard
wireless:IEEE 802.11n、IEEE 802.11g、IEEE 802.11b
wired:IEEE 802.3、IEEE 802.3u
Wireless transmission rate
11n: maximum up to 150Mbps
11g: maximum up to 54Mbps
11b: maximum up to 11Mbps
Tracks number
Frequency range
Emission power
1个10/100Mbps LAN/WAN multiplex interface、interface
Antenna type
Onboard antenna / External Antenna
Functional Parameters
WIFI work mode
WDS Function
Support WDS wireless bridge connection
Wireless security
Wireless MAC address filtering
Wireless security function switch
64/128/152 bit WEP encryption
WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK、WPA/WPA2 security mechanism
Network management
Remote Web management
Configuration file import and export
WEB software upgrade
Serial to Network
Maximum transmission rate
TCP connection
Max connection number>20
UDP connection
Max connection number>20
Serial baud rate
Other Parameters
Status indicator
Status indicator
Environmental standard
Operating temperature:-20-70℃
Operating humidity:10%-90%RH
Storage temperature:-40-80℃
Storage humidity:5%-90%RH
Additional properties
Frequency bandwidth optional:20MHz、40MHz ,Auto

2.Hardware Explanation

   Mechanical Dimensions

HLK-RM04 Mechanical Dimensions is shown in the following picture:

3.Pin Interface
The Pin of this product as shown above is defined as follows

4.Electrical Characteristics 
Exceeding these conditions will result in damage to the device 
Parameter Min Max
Module supply voltage VCC 3.9V 5.5V
Module Voltage Output VO3.3 3.1V 3.5
Module Voltage Output VO1.8 1.65V 1.9
GPIO Voltage 3.1V 3.5V
Storage temperature -40ºC 95ºC  

5.Typical Application Circuit