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Mạch nạp SmartRF04EB

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The SmartRF Flash Programmer can be used to program the flash memory in Texas Instruments low-power RF systemon-chip devices and for upgrading the firmware and bootloader on the related evaluation boards and debugger (SmartRF Evaluation Boards, CC Debugger, etc.). SmartRF Flash Programmer can also be used for programming the flash memory of MSP430 devices via the MSP-FET430UIF and the eZ430 dongle.

Tính năng chính:

  • Programming of SW images on low-power RF systemon-chips
  • Programming of SW images on MSP430 devices
  • Programming/updating firmware and bootloader on the Evaluation Boards' USB MCU
  • Append SW image to existing SW on SoC
  • Read out SW image from SoC into hex file
  • Verify SW image on SoC against hex file
  • Programming of flash lock bits
  • Read/Write MAC (IEEE EUI64/48) addresses
  • Read Information Page on SoC
  • Powerful Command Line Interface

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