IC số 74HC08 4 cổng AND

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Recommended Operating Conditions

Symbol Parameter Min Typ Max Units
Vcc Supply Votage 4.75 5 5.25 V
Vih HIGH Level Input Voltage 2     V
Vil LOW Level Input Voltage     0.8 V
Ioh HIGH Level Output Current     -0.4 mA
Iol LOW Level Output Current     16 mA
Ta Free Air Operating Temperature 0   70 °C


Electrical Characteristics

Symbol Parameter Conditions Min Typ Max Units
Vi Input Clamp Voltage Vcc=Min,Ii=-12mA     -1.5 V
Voh HIGH Level Output Voltage Vcc=Min,Ioh=MAX,Vil=MAX 2.4 3.4   V
Vol LOW Level Output Voltage Vcc=Min,Iol=MAX,Vih=MAX   0.2 0.4 V
Ii Input Current@MAX Input Voltage Vcc=Max,Vi=5.5V     1 mA
Iih HIGH Level Input Current Vcc=Max,Vi=2.4V     40 µA
Iil LOW Level Input Current Vcc=Max,Vi=0.4V     -1.6 mA
Ios Short Circuit Output Current Vcc=Max -18   -55 mA
Icch Supply Current with Outputs HIGH Vcc=Max   4
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